Father’s Day


So for Father’s Day we (myself, my husband and my father) decided oddly to go to Northern State Hospital Recreation Area.  This is the old agricultural area of this long defunct mental hospital.  Above are a couple of the dairy barns, and below are more photos of them.


This is the inside of another barn.


This is the slaughter house.


This is a portion of the canning barn.


This is the root barn.

IMG_1398And these are photos of the cemetary.


We then came home and had a nice barbecue, and our grandson William came over with his parents Jaylene and Russ and Tom’s son Thomas.  This is Tom, William and Thomas with our cat Doogie.


This is Tom with William on our quad.


And this is William on our lawnmower with Jaylene looking on.


It was nice and relaxing Father’s Day, and hopefully all three fathers enjoyed themselves.


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