The Color White

white feathers

was apparent to me this rainy Spring morning.  The first thing I noticed was this area of white feathers.  This means one of our white hens was eaten by a predator last night, most likely a raptor.  Here is a closer look:

close up of feathers

The pile of feathers was getting smaller as the barn swallows wer rapidly picking them up to make their nests.  Recycling in action.

swallow gathering feather

Here are the other white things I noticed as I did my morning chores:

3 white turkey chicks

crabapple trees and Rocky

rainwater tanks

dandelion seed head

white flowers in seed drill with Rocky

spring onions picked for dinner

one white egg

magnolia flower

Dete face

one of two remaining white hens

Walker’s face and neck

Dean’s butt

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