Cornish Pasties

So I made these yesterday for Tom’s dinner. They are from Vincent Price’s book A Treasury of Great Recipes. This recipe was in a chapter dedicated to Harrod’s Food Hall.

I used beef from our soup bones and no kidney. Plus I used our lard instead of shortening for the dough. I used our egg too. I made too much filling for the saucer sized dough pieces so the crust looks a little funny.

But Tom said he liked them. And he is going to take leftovers for lunch.

I made Hunter’s Pie from the same chapter for me. It was not that great, probably because I substituted goat stew meat for lamb chops.

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4 Responses to Cornish Pasties

  1. eliz martin says:

    You know every time you post one of these you make me wish to try them….Mmmmm

  2. Jeanne says:

    I don’t know how well gluten free dough would hold together, but they surely do sound yummy!

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