Happy Birthday Grampa Stone

He would have been 100 years old tomorrow. Here he is as a 4 month old baby with his mother.

He was a wonderful grandfather.  He loved his Fairchild airplane, and I love going on flights with him and going to air shows.

scan0039 john fairchild plane

He loved hiking and photography, and we loved hiking with him and seeing his photographs.

scan0031 1975 hike john ruth greg donna

Ho loved his cabin, and we loved going there too.

scan0010 1972 john cabin

And he loved hosting family gatherings.  He usually made Old Fashioneds except at Christmas when he made Egg Nog. He made non-alcoholics ones for us kids and alcoholic ones for the adults.

scan0051 1976 john ruth christmas table

Later in his life, I asked him to share his Old Fashioned recipe.  Tom, my husband, wrote it down in his survey notebook.  I am so glad we got it written down.

So here is to my grampa. I will miss his tribute/party tomorrow because I have to work so I am sipping an Old Fashioned tonight and remembering and missing him.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    It’s so nice to have such sweet memories of a much-loved grandparent! What a blessing he was to your family!

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