Our Weekend

We went to our Boles Aero trailer in the mountains north of Ellensburg for a brief weekend visit.  My niece Loki and her husband Isaac joined us.  Her is Loki riding my XT 200 dirt bike.

My brother Greg also joined us.  Here he is about to ride a KLR 650.

I made a post-anniversary dinner for us all.  Here are veggie, goat and beef kabobs in the Boles fridge.

I made Basmati Pilaf to go with the kabobs.  I did not think to take a photo until dinner was mostly over.

Here are the goat kebobs next to their grill.

And I made our annual Buttery raspberry lemon cake for dessert.  Of all of this food, only the goat and the raspberries were from the farm.

Steve had a great time running around exploring the area and digging for rodents.  Here he is at sunset after a long glorious dog day.

Here is Tom on the XT 200 at the end of a day of riding.

And here is our sunset.

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2 Responses to Our Weekend

  1. Jeanne says:

    I didn’t notice anything about you riding… Or did I miss something? Looked like a lot of fun, though.

    • Donna says:

      I ride a little on Saturday morning. Everyone was too busy to ride with then I got to busy cooking to ride. I am glad my niece got to ride though.

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