Exciting Farm News

Not really. I picked peas.

And some root vegetables.

Maddie and Sonja have become friends,

And the peahen is hanging out in the hayloft. She had hidden a nest outside of the barnyard and hatched a chick which Steve promptly killed. I moved the other egg in a nest under a chicken hen, and the peahen moved to the hay loft. I wished she would pick safer locations for her nests.

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2 Responses to Exciting Farm News

  1. Jeanne says:

    I don’t know, Donna, if I can agree with you – those peas look awfully exciting to me!! 🙂 Yum!
    I’m sorry about the peachick! I hope there’ll be better success with the remaining egg. Do you think the peahen will lay another egg?
    Maddie Moo and Sonja look so cute together!


    • Donna says:

      I doubt the other egg will hatch. It got cool before we found it. I am not sure if she will lay more. It is late in the season. Maddie Moo and Sonja are cute and especially now that they are friends.


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