Baked Ham with Spiced Apples

This was our yummy dinner tonight.  I had wanted to bake one of our hams.  And Tom bought some Red Gravenstein apples at the Bow Farmers Market yesterday.  I used the last of our maple syrup too.  This is the recipe I used but skipped the pears and the brown sugar.

I baked one of our squashes with some honey, butter, pecans and raisins.  (I did not finish the squash.  I shared some with Tom and the rest with the chickens).  The corn Tom picked up from a trailer down the road that shows up here each year selling honor system.  I paired it with some of my peach wine.

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2 Responses to Baked Ham with Spiced Apples

  1. Jeanne says:

    That must have been delicious! I wish someone would be just down the road from here, selling corn on the cob!


    • Donna says:

      It was delicious. The corn seller disappeared last year for some reason so thrilled to have them back. Our corn should be ripe in a couple of weeks (hopefully).


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