Miss Lizzie

died today.  She was conceived by Sadie (my first sheep) and George in Maple Falls on the day that Tom and I met.  I know this because I had just dropped Sadie off to be bred by George and then went on my blind date with Tom.  We met at Pepper Sisters and then went to see Monsters Inc at Bellis Fair Mall.  I was driving my old Chevy truck so Tom definitely knew what he was getting into.  Miss Lizzie was born 5 months later.  So she has always had a very special area of my heart.  Here are some photos of her from over the years.

Lizzie 2005

lizzie 2007

miss lizzie 2009

Miss Lizzie, born 4/8/2002, 2010

She had two sets of lambs for me, all with Lewis.  In 2007 she had Lady Madonna (who I still have) and Prudence.  In 2010 she had Abbey Road and Sergeant Pepper (below).

Miss Lizzie with Abbie Road and Sergeant Pepper, 2010

She had great fleeces her whole life.  I sold her fleece in 2007 to Denise Mor.  Many of the yarns I currently have for sale are from her wool.

Lizzie and Diddley sheared, 2014

Miss Lizzie in chair, 2015

She did well until the very end.  But she was an old sheep,  and I have to say a very sad goodbye to my Lizzie.


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6 Responses to Miss Lizzie

  1. Denise says:

    so sorry Donna. I still have the shawl I knit from her 2007 fleece in my office at work. Keeps me cozy when our old building gets drafty in the winter. Rest in peace, MIss Lizzie.

  2. Michelle says:

    Oh my, Donna; so many good-byes the last year or so!

  3. Jeanne says:

    I’m sorry, Donna, that your sweet Lizzie is gone now. It’s always so difficult to say good-bye to our beloved four-legged friends. I can tell, from what you wrote, that she was very special.

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