Thistle Mule

Yesterday we got some autumn farm work done.  I cleaned out the third of five of the barn pens that need mucked out into the manure spreader.  Tom dug up the thistles that have been growing in the pasture that we reseeded in the spring.  Most of the pasture seed grew well, but some did not and in those areas the thistles grew.  I had been digging some up each day, but Tom finished them off and filled our mule’s bed with them.

Thistle mule

Here is one thistle that grew inside of a lucky horseshoe.Lucky horseshoe

So the thistles are dug up, and one more pen is mucked out.  One more pen and reseeding to go, along with a long list of other autumn farm tasks.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Thistles are a nasty plant. On our trips to John Day, my Hunny and I have have driven past huge areas of farm land, that are covered with thick stands of thistles. At times we’ve seen them brown and dead, and can only think that the farmers must have killed them off with some kind of spray. Very ugly. I had to smile at the picture of the one that grew inside of the horseshoe!

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