November Boles Weekend

We headed to our 1969 Boles Aero trailer on Friday and my father, brother and his girlfriend joined us.

We had a nice bon fire with a view and a half moon.

Saturday morning there were deer grazing near us,

a gorgeous sunrise through the pine trees,

and a pink Mount Rainier.

I cooked most of the day. I made gluten free (GF) and dairy free (DF) corn muffins,

GF DF pecan pie,

and brandied pumpkin pie.

We sat down to a smoked turkey dinner in our small Boles with GF DF green bean casserole, DF mashed potatoes, wild rice pecan pilaf, the corn muffins with great honey my dad brought, and turkey gravy. We had the pies for dessert.

On Sunday everyone else left and Tom and I walked dad’s property and put ribbons on the planted trees that survived (more than I thought made it). Here is a surviving planted pine tree and a volunteer Doug Fir.

A fork horned buck came walking near us.

Thomas’ hunting cabin had blown over two weeks ago and was fixed last weekend. It is doing well now.

Here are our tiny shadows as we looked over the little valley near there.

I got some knitting done while listening to football by the wood stove.

We had a pretty sunset while we had leftovers for dinner and watched Sunday Night Football on my iPhone.

This morning we packed up and headed home. We saw a herd of elk by the wind mills on the way. We both had a nice weekend.

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