Christmas Preparations and Storm Damage


I have been in the kitchen trying out new vintage and/or Swedish recipes for the season. I started, of course, with glögg. Above is the vodka soaking with orange and spices overnight, and below is it all ready and warm.

It is a different recipe for glögg for me but good.

Then I started making cookies.

I used the below stamps to make these cookies.

I used the Sandbakelser dough to make these but did not blanch the almonds. This recipe is from my vintage Betty Crocker cookbook.

I used the dough in some copper molds my husband got from his sister to make these.

I am thinking they could use some filling to make them more interesting. Then I used the Scotch Shortbread recipe to make a dozen of these farmyard molded cookies. They were disappearing fast as I was trying to get a photo.

But we have been enduring the windstorms with another one last night. It blew two cedar trees onto our fence.


The prior storm had blown roofing off of what we call the grampa shed.


This storm also blew a branch through the roof of the Boles Aero that Tom has been working on. There is a hole that Tom taped up to the left of the air conditioner.


Also through the vent above the shower.


But our neighbors have endured much more than us. They have lost power for days so no cooking, showers or warmth.  And just down the road, the top of a wind turbine sliced a barn. So scary because there are homes and a highway right there. And the high tide plus the winds tore up roads and buildings near Tom’s kids’ home and other local towns.

But our cable went out today, and we had to watch the Seahawks beat Kansas City using our cell service!!!

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