Emergency Repair in the Chicken Pen

were the words I told my loving husband when he approach me in the barn this morning.  Music to his ears…..not!  It seems that one of the roosts in front of their nest boxes broke in the night.  It is always something, but at least it was not a dead animal this time.

The hole where the rivet had been was completely busted.

I did the chores while Tom fixed it.  He was able to drill a new hole and bolt it back into place.  This was important because the hens were having a hard time making to their favorite nests to lay their eggs.


We had way too much rice in our cupboards taking up valuable space so I cooked up some rice for the chickens.  I thought they might like warm rice on a cold morning.

Then I took the time to admire some of our roosters.  Here is Little Man, a bantam that was dumped at our place at least 5 years ago.

And here is one of the hay loft chicks turned rooster.  They are looking so pretty.

And I took the time to admire the sheep and their wool as well.  Here is Bambam, Wendel and Harlen.

Here are a couple more photos of Bammie.

Finally I noticed the croci blooming.  It is January!

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  1. Things are looking really beautiful at your place.

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