Barbecued Pork Chops

We adapted this Harold Brown’s Barbecued Lamb Chops recipe from the Blues Cruise to make dinner last night. Tom does not like lamb so we used our pork instead. We used 4 pork chops. Tom mixed dried minced garlic, dried parsley and salt since we did not have garlic salt with parsley. The scribbled note on the side are from Harold’s suggestions for substituting fresh garlic which we will probably do next time. We used a mild Dijon mustard as we did not have Coleman’s. Listening and watching Harold (from the Lowriders) was amazing so it is nice to have a meal to remember it by.

Above are the leftover larger 2 chops. The chops were good. They were huge chops so we might use the recipe with only two large chops next time. But this recipe is definitely a keeper. Just have to find Coleman’s mustard now.

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