Baby Sitting and New Greenhouse

Our grandson stayed with us today while his mother was at work.  He ate some breakfast with grampa and then headed out to help with the animal chores.

He helped grampa haul the hay out to feed the cows.

But Tom had to “tow” him back.

With the animal chores done, the next step was to take the Quad out back to reset the game camera and check on the fencing.  Grampa is helping him buckle his helmet.

Here they are heading out back.

While they were doing this, I decided to start some seeds in our new and improved greenhouse.  Tom added an addition to our old greenhouse and fixed the damage done when the tree fell on it 2 years ago.  Here is looking toward the back of the new addition.

And here it is looking toward the front.

And here is the view from outside the greenhouse with the old part on the left and the new part on the right.  I started carrot, onion, leek and lettuce seeds in the old area of the greenhouse since the shelves are not up in the new section yet.

new greenhouse addition

After the “work” out back, the next task was to use the tractor to move the snowmobile trailer.

Here is William steering the tractor, bringing the snowmobiles out back.

Finally William needed to visit his motorcycle which is unfortunately not working right now.  He is not old enough to ride it yet, but he likes to visit it.

After this we had lunch, played a few games (including Monopoly, blowing bubbles, metal detecting and shooting flying saucers) and then Tom took him to a motorcycle shop to drop off a motor that needs fixing before dropping William off with his mother.  I think he had a fun day, and we certainly did.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    I’ll bet William was having a great time! I’m glad you could spend the day together.

  2. William will remember all those fun activities with his grandparents forever!

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