Swedish Dinner

So we still have some leftovers from our Swedish breakfast. And I have had a frozen Swedish potato sausage in our freezer for a while. So I thought I would try to make a dinner out if it. I baked the sausage first.

Brown beans are mentioned online as a side dish to the sausage. So I got lazy and warmed up some Bushes Baked Beans. I steamed some of our frozen peas. I added leftover smoked herring, pickled herring, pickled eggs, and pickled beets. Them I made a Swedish Mule as a drink. Here it is all assembled.

It was all pretty good. I am not sure how Swedish it is versus Swedish-American but it was different than our usual meals.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    That sounds delicious! My son-in-law’s family has made homemade sausage for generations. Now my daughter knows how. They still use the antique sausage stuffer, when they get their gang together for the making of 400 lbs of more of what the family calls vascht. They brought us some in Feb.

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