Father’s Day

We gathered 4 amazing Dads and their kids ( minus 1) to celebrate at the Boles this weekend. We brought 1 quad and 2 motorcycles for riding there. Here we are leaving.

And here is a moment of peace for me after we arrived.

The new (to us) Bunkhouse survives. Disappointingly there were mice in the traps. But otherwise no issues. Here is towards the front,

and here is towards the back.

On Saturday morning I made Doughnut French Toast for everyone for breakfast. It was sinfully yummy.

Then the riding began. William was taken on rides by almost everyone and certainly on each vehicle. When he wasn’t riding, he was sitting on them and/or asking about them. He wore his motorcycle pants all day.

There were two birds that were squawking at us the whole time we were outside. We thought they might be orioles, but it had the wrong coloring. They looked too big to be meadowlarks and the voice was different. So we looked at a bird book and google to try and figure it out, but we couldn’t.

Tom and I brought pulled pork and I made Mexican rice and black beans for an early Father’s Day feast. I made some guacamole and set it out with fresh salsa and chips. This disappeared quickly. I set up a cocktail bar.

I made Mojitos and Margaritas.

Then I got all the fixings for a taco dinner ready.

And we had a nice dinner. It might have been too nice since it induced a few naps. Apart from that we sat around and talked under party lights and overlooking the valley.

The next morning William was up early talking to Grampa Les.

Tbere was more riding. Then we assembled for photos, first of the fathers,

And then everyone. I was supposed to be in the photo but couldn’t figure out the timer.

As Jay was packing to leave she noticed a young bird on the ground. We then finally figured out that it was a meadowlark ground nest that the birds had been upset about us being near. We moved their vehicle and stayed away from the young bird, and the squawking settled down.

Then the goodbyes started as people headed home for work on Monday.

Tom and I got to stay as I do not have to work until Tuesday. So we got to enjoy a peaceful evening with All Blues from KNKX and a pretty sunset.

It was a memorable weekend, and I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did.

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