Margherita Pizza

I have been watching old The Great British Baking Show and recently saw their first Italian Week. So I was inspired I make this pizza. I found the recipe, tried to find the ingredients (no luck with fresh yeast, even at the local Europe Foods) and made it for dinner last night. Here it is coming out of the oven with our fresh basil on top.

And here it is on my dinner plate with a glass of my first ever wine made solely from our grapes.

It was yummy. Tom insisted on putting pepperoni on the second one. It was all good and passed Prue’s pizza sag test.

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2 Responses to Margherita Pizza

  1. This looks great, we’re going to have homemade pizzas here tonight too. Is fresh yeast the stuff you used to be able to buy in the refrigerator section? It came in a little cake?
    I’d thought you’d get a kick out of me attempting your curly fries last night. I had gone through the cupboard and found a roll of “parchment” paper without a box. All we needed was to pick up potatoes at the store. Came home, made them, popped them in the oven and shortly after smelled… burning plastic? Well, that didn’t make sense so I ignored it for awhile before investigating. Yep, my “parchment” paper was a roll of freezer paper, which was smoldering. Nice job, me. I’ll be trying again but we need to buy a new cookie sheet first.

    • Donna says:

      The little cake is what I was looking for. Apparently it is not easy to find. The recipe definitely said to use it instead of dried yeast. But it seemed OK to me with the dry stuff
      That is so funny about your curly fries!!! I hope next time goes better. Have great pizza tonight!

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