Our Fourth of July

I got off work around 9:00 AM and headed home. Yesterday Tom had fixed our winching shearing stand.

Billy, our giant goat, had bent the steel supports for it with his weight.

So Tom rewelded new supports and bought a new winch for it. So first thing this morning I went to check it out in the barn. I also noticed how big the turkeys are getting.

When we were done with the animal chores (which involved rotating them), we checked out the garden. I made Tom stand by the corn to show that it is nose high by the Fourth of July this year.

We then went to our back four to put a stone on Walker’s grave. Steve came with us. I am really appreciating what a great farm dog he is turning into. He diligently watches after us and the farm.

We got the netting over our blueberry plants too. Just in the nick of time as they are covered with unripe berries.

Then we cleaned up and headed to the Loggerodeo. I had enjoyed their small town parade before but really wanted to see the Greg Bisbey Logger Exhibition. He is our neighbor and our amazing tree service professional.

Here is his familiar bucket truck so we knew we were in the right place.

And here are the people involved.

Here is the axe throwing competition.

Here is the crosscut saw versus chain saw competition. The cross cut won.

Here is the log bucking competition.

Here are two high school logging competition champions demonstrating the crosscut saw. They were amazing.

Here are those same girls performing a choker competition.

Here are twin brothers racing up and down poles.

And here are the teenage girls again doing a chainsaw competition.

My camera messed up,and I did not get the video of the brothers doing the high climb tree topping competition. We thoroughly enjoyed this exhibition. It was very Sedro Woolley. Tom has been a logger in the past so appreciated the hard work involved.

Afterwards we checked out the chainsaw carving competition:

The carvings were amazing, and the competitors came from as far away as Argentina. Then we headed to a new tap house, shared a hard cider and watched the Lazy Acres band.

We then took my tired ass home, and I am relaxing while Tom is grilling us dinner. Hopefully the fireworks here tonight will not be as bad as in the past. I am thankful for the small amount of rain we have had recently. So that is our Independence Day for far. I hope you are having an amazing celebration as well.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    That was definitely a fun outing!! I would have enjoyed it too. I especially liked the chainsaw carvings. LOVE that eagle!!
    Thanks for sharing.

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