Sedro Woolley Trip

Even though we have a Sedro Woolley physical address (but Alger phone number, PO Box in Bow, and Burlington school district), most of our local trips for groceries, etc are south to Burlington or Mount Vernon.  Previous trips I have documented to there include in October 2020April 2020, July 2019, July 2018,  January 2018 and May 2013.  The January 2018 trip led us to name a newly born calf Bug after the town.  We do make annual trips to there for Christmas shopping as well, but you can see our trips there are few and far between.  So I chose today to make a trip there.

En route on F & S Grade Road we stopped at the North 40 Farms stand.  Previously it has been closed when we drove by so it was nice to see it open.  We bought a couple of Black Angus New York Steaks for dinner and some stew meat for future stroganoff.  (We just now finished dinner, and it was excellent! And my chive butter is an excellent accompaniment to the steak, baked potatoes and green beans.)  I would highly recommend this business.

First we went to the Veterans Community Plaza at Northern State Recreational Area.  This opened in November so I wanted to see it.

The wind had picked up, and it started to rain right before we arrived.  It made the flags look quite spectacular.


My understanding is that they are going to have rotating stories posted here.

And they are adding placards for veterans along side of the stories.  I purchased one for my step-dad Al, but it hasn’t been placed yet.  I will have to come back in a month or so to see if it is there.

We then drove into town, looking for lunch.

And we went to Hal’s Drive-In.

I ordered fish and chips but then later realized Fried Pickles were on the menu.  Maybe next time.

We went to Oliver-Hammer Clothes Shop for Tom to spend his Woolley Bucks I gave him for Christmas.  He bought a nice sweatshirt.

All the times we have been there we never realized it was in United Lodge No. 93.

We then went to the Sedro-Woolley Museum.  I was going there to purchase Letters from Prairie, “a book about a 24 year old woman who searches for the key to creating an independent, meaningful life for herself, off the family farm in Prairie, Washington in 1918, against the backdrop of a worldwide pandemic.”  Prairie, WA was a town on the other end of our road.  The book is also available online.

It continued to be nasty out so we popped into the Old Timers Bar for a drink and to watch some football.  I had an Old Fashioned.  This is different from any I have seen before.  The bar was started in 1939 per the Skagit River Journal.

We did end up doing some grocery shopping too, but it is not the same with the Woolley Market now closed.  So that was our brief trip into town.  It was fun.



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  1. Jeanne says:

    That does sound like fun. I can’t imagine what fried pickles would be like! Are they dipped in batter? Have you had them before? You should have bought some to go!😄
    I’m impressed by the Veteran’s Memorial.
    Did you buy the book you mentioned? Let me know how it is, please.

    • Donna says:

      I assume the pickles are dipped in batter. I have not even heard of them before. I’ll save them for next time. The Veterans Memorial was quite impressive. Looking forward to seeing Al’s name there though. I bought two copies of the book. One is for my friend Denise who lives in what was Prairie. They found the author’s notes in the attic of the museum during the pandemic and just got them published. Excited to read it.

      • Jeanne says:

        I’m going to have to see about ordering that book. I love that kind of books. Are there any remains of the old town of Prairie? That’s another thing that has always fascinated me – old “ghost towns”. They are so much fun. We visited a bunch in the mountains of eastern Oregon and also central Idaho.

      • Donna says:

        There are only a few houses left. I love ghost towns too. I especially enjoy the ones in central Washington.

  2. Fun road trip!! My bucket list for 2023 includes a road trip and picnic once a month for me and hubby. This month we went over to a little town called Fincastle and visited Heritage Market and found “seasoned” flour which I’ve missed since last year when Big Spring Mill closed!!! I want to blog about it but am afraid there will be a run on it and I won’t be able to get anymore. Selfish aren’t I!!!

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