Sweden Trip Day 10, Umeå

Last night we checked into a really nice place, Hotel Pilen.

The day started out, naturally, with a Swedish breakfast.

There was a very Swedish vending machine in the lobby that I found amusing.

I somehow hurt my heel yesterday so walking has been very painful today. So I found a picnic table by our hotel to knit and drink non-alcoholic French Perry at.

In the meantime, Mom was able to explore Umeå. Unfortunately the art museum was closed, but she found some interesting sculptures.

She came back and we had lunch. I had Västerbotten cheese and crackers, and she tried to finish the leftover shrimp from last night’s dinner.

We checked out a Swedish hardware store where they have a robotic mower and a cider press,

and then went to the Västerbotten Museum. En route I was amused by the Swedish term for a car wash,

and we saw another classic American car at the gas station.

At the Västerbotten Museum there is a school house that we are 90% sure is where my great grandfather Emil attending school. The building had been moved from Botsmark to this museum.

My mother, aunt and uncle checked out the rest of the museum while I sat on a bench and knitted by a pond with ducks.

We then headed into central Umeå and I sat on a bench in a park. There are people sitting in the grass to the right playing cards. Everyone seemed so relaxed.

We checked out the interesting Stora Hotel that Craig and Amy are staying at,

And then headed across the street for a lovely dinner at The Rex.

We had a less hectic day today which was nice. My heel is feeling better so hopefully I will be able to walk better tomorrow. We are heading to Piteå in the morning.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    The buildings are very lovely – it must have been really enjoyable for you!!

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