Sweden Trip Day 11, Umeå to Piteå

We started with a Swedish breakfast in Umeå. Then we headed to Såvar as my mother, aunt and uncle had not seen it. Here is the church.

“Sävar church The church site in Savar is close to 200 years old. The first church of the congregation was called for during the emergency years after the war of 1809 and was completed in 1822. This church was destroyed by a fire night between March 4 and March 5, 1932. The present church, which exterior has the same design as the old one, was built during the years 1933 and 1934. It was inaugurated by Bishop Olof Bergqvist on September 23 last year. The church is a work of the artistically gifted Umea brothers Kjell, David and Stig Wretling, with Kjell wretling as architect. the main ornament of the church is the altar closet that was exported by artist David Wretling. The church’s current organ is a work by the well-known organ builder Gronlund. It has 24 meetings and was inaugurated in 1976. Near the church, on the so-called Bruksbacken, lies Klockargarden, which is the parish hall and center for extensive church work.”

At Såvar we found the gravesite for Karl Andreas Zingmark 1877-1946, another descendant of Carl Zingmark, my GGGG grandfather. Unfortunately he does not gave a headstone.

We drove through Robertsfors and then onto Överklinten. This is its church.

This is its cemetery with a giant stone in it.

This is the grave of Karl and Betty Johansson, the parents of Gunnel, Siv and Dan who we had seen at the reunion

So it was lunchtime so we decided to check out Max’s, a Swedish hamburger chain. It was almost entirely automated, but the spicy avocado burger was tasty.

So then we headed to Svensbyn. We had been concentrating on my maternal grandmother’s father’s family, the Johansson’s. So now we are switching gears to her mother’s side of the family, the Lundstrôms.

This is the house that my great grandmother grew up in. It is also where my antique spinning wheel came from.

Here are the fields in front of the house where they grew flax that they spun. I have a towel the Lydia Lundström had woven from this handspun linen in this home.

The little building in the middle is the root cellar.

Here are some sheep in a nearby field.

This is near where my great grandmother would go to a bakery and learned how to bake. She took these skills with her when she immigrated to the US in 1914 on the Lusitania.

This is the view looking up the hill at the Lundström home.

We then headed to Ojebyn and it’s church. This portion of the Ojeby church is from the 15th century.

This is how the lifted water from wells.

There is a collection of “apartments” near the church. The last one pictured is where we believe Karl Oscar Lundström ( my great grandmother Elin’s brother) stayed near the end of his life.

Unfortunately we could not find any of the Lundström graves at the Ojeby cemetery. We then went to pick up some breakfast supplies. I found the snus dispensing machine interesting.

Then we went to the summer home of Oscar’s grandson and wife, Kjell and Britta. It is absolutely gorgeous. We had a lovely talk and dinner.

Tomorrow we go to Luleå.

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    Very interesting! I especially like the churches and your ancestral home! Jn

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