It’s Always Something

So I got off of a night shift and came home to issues.  One of the first things I noticed was that Maddie broke one of her horns.

Then she demonstrated how she likely broke it.

The flies do not seem to be swarming it.   So hopefully she will be OK.

Tom replaced the fence while I was gone but left all the supplies laying around.  I guess I get to do that.

Our pigs, Truffle and Rosalie< will not eat bread and leave it for the crows.  Thankfully they do eat apple pressings.

We got the bill from the vet in the mail for Bumble.  It is just over $1000.  As a wether he is not worth much, except for his winning personality.  I don’t think it is worth $1000 though.

Wilma’s ear seems to be bothering her.  I caught her (which is touch as she is still wild for an old sheep) but I could not find anything.

I am still battling hoof scalp in only 2 hooves.  In Brown Sugar’s left rear foot

and Hazelnut’s right front hoof.

Topical zinc helps briefly, and I have tried nearly everything.  The next option is trying injected antibiotics again, but I really do not want to subject them to that again.

The turkeys act like they are starving.  I am wondering if they know how to get into the chicken pen to eat, but I know they can fly out.  So you would think they could figure out how to fly in.  But every day I chase them in there, and they eat ravenously.

Today I noticed one of the hens attacking the turkeys.  And one hen managed to keep four giant turkeys from eating.

I may have to feed them somewhere else.

Then my worries moved to the garden.  I have the honeydew and watermelons planted in a row next to squashes and further away pumpkins.

So…are these squashes or melons?

What I planted in this area are Celebration Squash, Honeycomb Melon, Magic Lantern Pumpkin, Mini Love Watermelon, Neon Pumpkin, Small Wonder Squash, and Winter Luxury Pumpkin.

So please tell me, what are these, melons or squashes?

It is so overgrown by vines it is hard to tell where the plants originate in the original rows. And I cannot go into it to sort it all out.  And by the time the pumpkins are ripe, the melons (if there are any) will be rotted.

So not sure what to do.

My original plans for rows has gone awry.

Then I proceeded to the greenhouse where I bashed my forehead on one of the shelves.  It will definitely be leaving a mark.  That is when I gave up and called it a day (at noon), ate lunch and went to bed.  These problems (and likely more) will still be there tomorrow.

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4 Responses to It’s Always Something

  1. Jeanne says:

    Oh my! I’m sorry Maddie broke her horn. She must be feisty.
    And I can’t imagine one chicken running off four big turkeys!
    I hope you all have a better day tomorrow.

    • Donna says:

      Maddie is feisty the horn bit fell off this morning while she was jousting with Sonja again this morning. Our turkeys are pretty wimpy. All was better this morning. Hopefully it stays that way.

  2. FullyFleeced says:

    Hmmm. That’s tough with the melons/squashes. I’m guessing melon on the first two and squash on the last one, based primarily on shape.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Denise. They did not look like the shape of squashes but wasn’t sure they are melons either. We have never been able to grow melons. Now I just need to figure out if they get ripe and cut one open to find out for sure.

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