A Shepherd’s Bag

On the “It’s Always Something” morning, I got to thinking about my bag. It came in handy when I caught Wilma because I had my trusty flashlight on me, and I could look in her ear. So here is my bag that I always carry with me in the barnyard.

And here are the contents: my barn camera given to me by my step-Dad Al so I can catch those special moments, my flashlight given to me by Tom for those emergent lighting needs, my pocketknife also given to me by Tom for those emergency cutting needs usually of baling twine, and finally my lip gloss because barn weather can dry your lips out.

As we all know, women’s clothing is not made for adequate pockets. So I throw on my trusty bag, and all year round I have what I need to get through the most of the chores.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    That’s a very handy bag! I’d probably find a need for one our two more items – like maybe a few treats for a stubborn sheep.

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