25 Years Ago Today

I started my job in Skagit County.  I had moved here in July, and I started the morning of September 1, 1994 at Skagit Valley Medical Center as a general pediatrician.  Here is the Skagit Valley Herald announcement of my arrival as well as a photo of me at the time and my business card.

I continued to work this position for 14 years.  In that time I was given little presents by my patients and their families that I kept and cherished by my desk.


I also was given drawings made by my young patients.

I had a lot of favorite patients, but one I took care of was in the hospital regularly due to her heart condition.  The nurses there made her bassinets with twin dolls and signs for her when she was in.  It made her happy.  I still have the dolls and the signs they made for her.

She would visit my little farm and pet the animals.  Sometimes when she was in the hospital I would bring my goat kids to the front lawn of it, and we would wheelchair her down to play with them.  Here are some photos of her visiting my place.

Last here are a couple of articles and a cartoon I had posted by my work desk.


I burned out and left this position in 2008 to work in nearby counties.  Now I am back but working only in the hospital.  I do miss having these long term relationships with my patients, so today I am sentimental about it.  But I am so grateful for these little tokens of their affection.

Plus I have lived in this county now for 25+ years.  I am not sure if this finally makes me a Skagitonian.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    I enjoyed reading this history of your career! Thanks so much for sharing it. I hope the little girl with the heart condition lived to grow up and be strong.

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