Vegetarians should probably skip this post.


Yesterday we had our four turkeys butchered by Osprey Hill Butchery.  I managed to hurt my back badly on Sunday so Tom had to bring the turkeys in and pick them up while I sat on a heating pad.  Above is a photo of the two toms the day before.  And below is one of the hens (using this recipe) for tonight’s dinner.

The hens were 24# and 25#. The toms are above 30# which is as high as the butcher’s scale goes.  Next year they will not take bird bigger than 30# as it is hard on their equipment.  So we will have to come up with a different plan to get our birds smaller, either smaller breeds or shorter lives.  Anyway, for this year, turkey dinner is really, really good.  And there is plenty of breast meat.

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3 Responses to Turkey

  1. Beautiful birds, especially the baked one!! Hoping to raise a few myself next spring.
    Hope your back is back in shape soon, take care of you!!

  2. Jeanne says:

    I love turkey, and yours were BIG and beautiful! I’ll bet that hen was yummy! Hoping you can find smaller birds next year.

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