Halloween Week Plans

I was scheduled to work on Halloween.  Usually Tom and I dress up, watch scary movies and eat candy on Halloween.  So I had to think what I could do this year so I did not feel cheated out of the holiday.  So I made plans for the week up to Halloween to watch a scary movie and eat a relatively healthy meal under candlelight each night.  I Tivoed a bunch of scary movies.  I was also going to carve a pumpkin each evening too.

I started off the week a little early (which turned out to be a good thing).  On October 23 I carved a butt pumpkin.  Sorry, but this is the first butt pumpkin I have ever grown so I had to do it.

I cannot remember the meal we had, but we watched It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown like we do every year.

On October 24 I carved a Wile E Coyote pumpkin, we had grilled fish and corn, and we watched The Shining (which neither have us seen in entirety before).

Friday I got too far behind schedule getting ready for work plus Tom wanted to watch the World Series.

On Saturday I worked.

On Sunday morning on the way home from work the muscles on the right side of my back suddenly spasmed while I was making a right hand turn.  I almost crashed.  It was rough getting home, but then I started helping Tom in the barn and my back improved.  But then the spasms started getting worse.  Every time I moved I would experiencing incredible pain to the point I had to scream.  It was the worst pain I every have had, even worse than when I smashed my finger with the snowmobile trailer.  I tried to take a bath (which normally helps) but I could not get out of the tub.  I tried hydrocodone, generic Flexeril and Naprosyn.  I tried ice.  Nothing helped except staying perfectly still with a heating pad, but of course once I moved again the pain was excruciating.  So we skipped our Halloween week plans and watch football instead.

On Monday Tom drove me to three separate appointments, with our chiropractor, with our family doctor and with my massage therapist.  I was prescribed oxycodone and methocarbamol.  This plus the massage seemed to help some.  So Monday I carved a Trump pumpkin, Tom cooked hamburgers, and we watched Get Out.  I wasn’t able to eat off our living room table so Tom brought me dinner to the recliner.

Tuesday later in the morning, the pain was back fully again.  I did see the chiropractor in the morning but the rest of the day with on the recliner with the heating pad and strong sedating medications.  That was turkey butchering day which Tom had to do by himself (I was supposed to).  So we ended up  watching the World Series again.

Wednesday Tom drove me to see the massage therapist and the chiropractor back to back in the afternoon.  That final adjustment brought on a nasty spasm, but that is the last one I have had to this point.  So I was able to carve a traditional jack o lantern, and we had a turkey dinner.  It was too late though for a movie.  But we watched the Nationals win the World Series which was nice to see.

I could not work yesterday on Halloween which of course was the whole reason I made the week’s plans.  Anyway my back was good enough to take a Halloween bubble bath.

I carved two pumpkins to make up for lost time.

I made a turkey cream pie with English pastry (I just ate the filling).

We lit the four pumpkins in the driveway and started watching Don’t Look Now.

It wasn’t very scary so we switched to Halloween which I had never seen before.

So, all in all, Halloween week ended well, but parts of it were the worst of my life.  At least my back is improving, but since I am not really sure what triggered this whole event I am nervous.  I am still on the muscle relaxant and can’t drive but am moving now and hoping to be recovered enough to work on Monday.  Wish me luck.  I hope you all had an amazing Halloween!

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10 Responses to Halloween Week Plans

  1. Michelle McMillen says:

    Oh, I just hurt reading this! I’ve only had my back “go out” one time in my life, but dealing with that for a few weeks (with a nursing infant, no less) was the worst in MY life. I hope your back is truly on the mend!

  2. Jeanne says:

    Oh Donna! I’m not sure if you could have been a any more miserable! That’s terrible! I pray that by Monday you’ll be doing much better! Whatever you do, take it easy!

  3. Jeanne says:

    P.S. I forgot to compliment you on your talented carvings! Excellent work!!

  4. FullyFleeced says:

    Wow- so sorry to hear about your back. that sounds horrible. glad it’s finally feeling better. Halloween just kind of slipped by us here- I didn’t even get a pumpkin carved!

  5. Norma says:

    Just a suggestion-go to a neurologist & get a script for an MRI. I don’t go to chiropractors anymore after my MRI showed i had a herniated disc. By 2009 i could barely walk anymore but after having 3 epidurals I’ve been pretty much pain free. Believe me I feel for you.

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