New York City Day 3

Last night after I posted we watch Saturday Night Live. It was fun watching it live from a short distance away.

This morning we went to the Statue of Liberty. Neither of us had ever been there and it was impressive.

This is the original 4 foot tall model he used to make it.

Here are replicas of the plaster portions, the molds then made, the copper pounded over them and then the braces added.

Here is a replica of the toes.

Here is a model of the interior. It is similar to having an Eiffel Tower inside.

Here is the famous poem which was added to the statue much later.

I was curious about what the flame was made with. It turns out lots of things.

A face replica.

We went to Ellis Island and started in the Baggage Room.

My great grandmother Elin Lundström arrived in this room on June 19,1914. She arrived on the Lusitania from Piteå Sweden.

Once they had been cleared medically and mentally they could exchange their money,

and buy some food.

If there were legal concerns they had to go to a hearing in this room.

These are some of the mental deficiency tests.

Here are some kids detained and being treated for favus, something I had never heard of before. Apparently it is a severe form of tines capitis, which I have heard of.

This is what the hospital looked like. This is the women’s ward but it was mostly kids that were detained and hospitalized for measles, scarletina or diphtheria.

It was interesting that women were given some clothing to make them look American. I would if my great grandmother was given American clothes.

This is where people who were detained had to sleep. I sure hope my great grandmother was not detained. I do not see why she would have been. But I feel so sorry for all those people that made that miserable voyage here and were sent back.

This is what the hall would have looked like when she was there. The ceiling tiles were added in 1916. My guess is that she would have boarded a train for Seattle shortly after leaving Ellis Island and likely did not spend much time in New York.

I found it interesting that a Washington city was one of the top cities for immigration in 1993 and also that it was Port Townsend.

Back at Battery Park, where we took the boat to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, is Clinton Castle where the immigrants to New York were screen until 1892 when the federal government took over due to corruption. It does sound like there was corruption at Ellis Island but to a lesser degree.

By this time we were starving. Despite our 9:00 boat ticket we were not done until 1:30. So we went to the Oyster House nearby. I had the Stonewall Inn IPA with smoked salmon Reuben and Tom had unfiltered Angry Orchard with fish and chips. It hit the spot.

Then we walked to the 9/11 memorial. This is the artwork that was pulled from the rubble.

This is one of the memorial ponds.

The names of the victims were etched on the rim which was quite powerful to me.

There was a second pond but the water was not flowing so it was less dramatic. This is the pear tree that survived the attack. Pretty impressive tree.

Then we went into the 9/11 museum.

This is part of the antenna from the roof.

This is a fire truck.

These are some beams that were hit by the plane that crashed into the north tower.

This is a damaged steel beam that shows the force of the damage.

This is the last column taken from the site, and the powerful memorial it became.

Behind this wall is where most of the victims remains remain.

This is an impressive Statue of Liberty memorial that was created outside of a fire department who had lost members.

This is a tribute to the only dog who died in the attack.

The stairs at the bottom where some of the survivors escaped also survived.

After the museum we took a taxi to the East Village and went to Russ and Daughter’s to get some supplies. They reportedly have the best bagels with cream cheese and lox. So I got those supplies. On the second photo they have 4 different colors of caviar. They also carry Kalles tubes.

We wanted to go to Katz deli for pastrami but they were even busier.

We then went to FAO Schwarz. I had wanted to go yesterday afternoon but the line to get in was huge. But even at 8:00 on a Sunday night it was packed with kids.

I thought this was pretty on the walk back to the hotel.

We decided to have street food for dinner. I had a hot dog and a small chicken platter from Halal Brothers and Tom had two chicken kabobs.

It was really tasty to eat while we watch Sunday Night football. It was a nice end to our last but amazing day in NYC.

P.S.  The google map we used for our trip is here.  We made it to most, but not nearly all, of the spots on the map.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    What I got to see and study of this entry, was most interesting! Sadly, the last part wouldn’t download the pictures. I don’t know if it’s my laptop or just what it is. It would be interesting to know if I’m the only one who has this problem.

    Thanks for sharing, Donna!

  2. FullyFleeced says:

    thanks for sharing your NYC adventures- so much to see! love the statue of liberty and ellis island pictures. very interesting

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