Our Christmas 2019

Our Christmas started out on the morning of December 24.  We fed the animals bread so that everyone got some.  Here are some of the chickens,


the cows,

the peacock,

the donkeys,

some sheep,

and some more sheep

getting bread.  They also got some extra squash too.

I then did some more prep work for Christmas.  I got more of the presents wrapped and under the tree,

Christmas tree with presents

I assembled the Kransekake,

Kransekake assembled

I prepared the ancestors’ adult beverages kits,

ancestral adult beverage kit

and got the last of the presents under the tree.

Christmas tree with wrapped presents

Then Christmas Eve afternoon we headed to my aunt and uncle’s home in Burien.  This is the same house that my great-grandfather and other Swedish relatives build for my grandparents and that my mother and her brothers grew up in.  I have spent most Christmas Eves of my life at this house.  So it is quite special to me.  Here is the family all assembled for the festivities.

Stone Christmas 2019

We had a lovely prime rib dinner prepared by my aunt.  We opened presents and then had dessert.  Here are my figgy puddings getting ready to be served.

figgy puddings about to be served Christmas Eve

And here are my Rum Nickys and rum butter on the table.

Rum Nickys and rum butter on Christmas Eve table

Here is my aunt’s pear-ginger pudding with flames.  My figgy puddings would not light up though.

Amy's pear ginger pudding with flames

We had a lovely evening.  My aunt Amy’s pudding was much tastier than mine.  There may be a good reason traditional Christmas puddings are no longer popular.  But it was fun to make and try it.  The Rum Nickys seemed reasonably popular though.  We drove home arriving at midnight.  On the way we saw an older wood house completely engulfed in flames with firefighters trying to control it.  It was a sad sight.  Per Skagit Breaking the older gentleman living there was rescued with some smoke inhalation and his cat was also rescued.  But such a sad thing to happen on what is supposed to be a joyous night.

I woke up early Christmas morning to get everything ready.  The stockings were stuffed and hung by the pellet stove.

stuffed stockings

I baked Kanellängd from dough I had prepared 2 days prior, inspired by the Great British Bakeoff.  Here it is all baked and iced.

Kanellängd baked

I made pecan rolls (AKA sticky buns) from my old Betty Crocker cookbook like I do every year.  Here they are all baked but not yet flipped over.

pecan rolls baked

Then the guests started arriving.  Here is our granddaughter Piper,

baby Piper

and our grandson William with Grampa Tom.

Elf William and Grampa Tom

Tom cooked our scrambled eggs. sausage and bacon along with some potatoes.  I assembled my baked goods and other treats.

Christmas morning goodies

Here are more photos of Piper.

Russ and baby PiperPiper smiling

We have a very nice breakfast.  Then we exchanged presents.  Chloes decided under the coffee table was a safe space during this invasion of her living room.

Chloe hiding under the coffee tablepresents

Here is Thomas talking to Elf William,

Thomas and William by the fire

and William opening his first present,

William opening his first present

a pair of motorcycle goggles.

motorcycle goggles

Jaylene opened a photo book of William’s first 5 years.

Jay opened William's first 5 years photo book

William opened Piper’s snow suit present.

William opening Piper's snow suit

Tom opened his Blues Cruise poster that I had framed.

Tom with his framed sighned blues cruise poster

Greg was looking at the wallet Tom gave him, obscured by packages.

Greg and Sue behind presents

Chloe decided she liked wrapping paper.

Chloe in wrapping paper

William instigated a wrapping paper battle.

wrapping paper fight

Russ looked at the Mount Baker pint glass present.

Russ opened Mount Baker pint glass

My dad and Piper watched Jaylene open her present.

Piper and Dad watching Jay open present

Dad is trying to figure out his present.

Dad opening present

Everyone seems to be having fun.

Dad smiling

Greg liking his Mount Saint Helens pint glass, still obscured by presents.

Greg with Mount Saint Helens pint glass behind presents

Jay and Russ looking at Piper’s new book.

Russ looking at Pipers's new book

William looking at his new books.

William opening new books

Now it was time to open stockings.

opening stockings

And the resulting joyous mess.

Christmas joyous mess

William checked out the cars that came in his stocking.

William checking out his new cars

Then it was time for a ride on the quad with Grampa with Steve watching.

William and Tom going for a ride with Steve watching

We then headed to Tom’s sister’s house for dinner.  The Schoonover family is a fun loving bunch.

Schoonoer Christmas fun

Aunt Linda made these comical signs for the cousins.

Aunt Linda's cards for the cousins

Tom’s parents returned an ornament to Tom that he had made in the second grade in Mrs. Campbell’s class.

Tom getting back the ornament he made in the second grade

We had a lovely prime rib dinner prepared by Tom’s family and then a funny white elephant gift exchange.

white elephant gift exchange

Uncle got a pink purse which was hilarious.

Uncle getting a pink purse

And Chris got a white elephant.

Chris getting a white elephant

Then it was time for dessert.  Here is my Yule Log ready to be eaten.  People really seemed to enjoy it.

Yule Log about to be served for dessert

Here is the present given to my sister-in-law by her clever son.

Tammy's present from her son

And here is some of our Christmas loot under the tree.

Christmas loot

I did not include everything like I usually do because I was tired.  There is also a new barn camera, CDs, socks, ornaments, soaps, jewelry, hand creams, candy, a battery for our solar system, tickets, cider, wine , kailua and coffee.  So we made out quite well this Christmas.  But the more important thing was that we got to spend time with our families and enjoy their company.  It was a hectic but very fun Christmas.


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  1. Marlene says:

    Each year my mum would make Christmas puddings, which when home I would swap for the pudding stored, which was made the year before. Home made puddings always taste better once matured.

    • Donna says:

      So I should have kept an extra pudding for another year? And I was worrying about keeping them in the fridge for 6 weeks! Thanks Marlene.

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