Quince Perry

Tom bottled 3 carboys of cider this afternoon.  I tagged along at the end, and we bottled 2 carboys of my quince- Asian pear perry and 1/2 gallon of our grape wine.  I did not try the grape wine as there is so little, and I want it to age first.  But I did try the quince perry and it is really good already, without aging.  So I decided to steal some and have a snack with a glass of it and some Bulgarian sheep cheese I had bought at an Eastern European market in Everett.  And they are so good together!  I am looking forward to more.  Unfortunately I should wait 2-3 months before having more. But we did find a good use for some of our Asian pears.

In other, news, it rained a lot while we were gone, ~3.3 inches.  Our fields were partially flooded this morning but seem to be receding now.  The rainfall is supposed to diminish so hopefully that will give enough time for the floodwaters to retreat.  In the meantime, the sheep get to hang out in the barn.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    That’s a lot of rain!
    Have a great day!

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