Los Lobos at The Triple Door

This was my surprise birthday present for Tom. We both love Los Lobos. We decided to go down a little early to avoid rush hour traffic. We ended up in Pike Place Market. We shared a great grilled cheese sandwich at Beecher’s.

At Delaurenti there was an amazing selection of bitters as well as an interesting selection of Swedish ciders.

We went to Pike Place Brewery for some cider,

before we headed to the Triple Door.

I had Kiki and the lavender moon cocktail.

Here is an accidental photo that turned out OK.

Here is John Kessler, one of our heroes, introducing Los Lobos. Tom had met him in the bathroom before the show.

And here are Cesar, Conrad, Louie and David!

Here is Cesar singing.

Here is Steve on the sax.

Here is Conrad on a giant guitar.

And Louis on a tiny one.

Steve is on the flute.

On the second set they turned electric.

They played two Christmas songs from their most recent album but then they played Oye Como Va followed by Soul Sacrifice which was amazing with their new second drummer.

Here is another failed photo that turned out interesting.

After the show ended I was able to take one of the set lists.

Tom bought the poster off the wall. We had a truly great time. I think I enjoyed Tom’s present at least as much as he did.

PS. They did play One Time One night with these amazing lyrics.

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