Pandemic Stations

We have two new spots in our home for pandemic stuff. The first is our comfort station.

It has chocolate, crayons and a coloring page to remind us that we might see our grandkids again, Trump’s Coronavirus guidelines, shells from friends Anne and Jeff’s wedding, and a nice card from the Boys and Girls Club thanking me for a donation. Angry Bird is guarding it all.

Then there is the PPE station. There are N95 and other masks, disposable gloves, and Lysol wipes. Usually there is a thermometer too, but it went missing from the photo.

It is funny how much life has changed, and it is starting to feel normal. Kind of sad.

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2 Responses to Pandemic Stations

  1. Jeanne says:

    I know what you mean. Your comfort station is a good idea.
    Hang in there. I continue to lift you in prayer.

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