Pandemic Summer Vacation

So we took a week long vacation to my parents’ properties with social distancing in mind.

Last Thursday we drove to my mother’s family cabin.  We briefly saw my mother and step-father en route to pick up a BBQ and a kayak.  This is the first time I have seen them since the pandemic, but it was with masks and distancing.  We then headed to Enumclaw and picked up some produce and alcohol supplies at Rockridge.

In the area there were familiar sights from my childhood.  A house ranch

and a now defunct pickle factory.

pickle factory

There was a nice view of Mount Rainier

as we headed over Chinook Pass

over to the other side toward the cabin.

We stopped at Whistlin’ Jack to get ice and a coffee cup.

Then we arrived at our family’s cabin, built by my great grandfather in 1927.

I made myself an old fashioned

while Tom assembled the barbecue.

Then we prepared a nice steak dinner that we ate on the front porch facing the river.

The sun was going down, showing its last light to Edgar Rock.

On Friday I admired the river in the sunlight.

Steve enjoyed it as well.

I made peach sangria with the peaches and wine I purchased at Rockridge,

and enjoyed a nice lunch on the porch.

My brother and his partner Sue joined us, and I made French 75s to celebrate.

Tom and I made dinner Friday evening.  We had barbecued ribs, corn on the cob (from Rickridge), baked potatoes, and zucchini fritters.

I saw a deer in the morning eating some of the brush.

Steve proved again that he cannot be trusted at this cabin due to the nearby highway so we took him for multiple leash walks per day.  With the deer out back, I went out the front door for the walk and admired the local cliffs.

After the walk Steve hung out reluctantly in the cabin,

Greg and Sue hung out by the river

and I hung on the porch with my knitting.

Greg and Sue then inflated the kayak.

They then went kayaking on the river.  Tom got these photos.

Sue was not thrilled with the float due to some river hazards.  Afterwards we took her to Whistlin’ Jack to get some take out cocktails

and then we sat by the river there with our drinks.  It was really nice.

Greg opted not to join us but did start dinner.  Sue helped on our return, and they prepared this lovely meal.

Steve spent the meal wanting to go outside again.

After dinner we started cleaning up and then we couldn’t find Steve in the cabin.  The front door was slightly ajar so we assumed he had escaped.  So all 4 of us went into the dark woods calling for Steve.  We alerted all of the nearby campers of our missing dog.  Tom then headed out in the truck looking for him on the highway while I doubled back along the river.  I decided to look one more time in the cabin. I heard a little collar noise, and he emerged from under the dining room table.  Then I had to find the other three people that were looking for him.  The rest of the weekend we alerted the campers that Steve was Ok again.  Everyone was relieved.

On Sunday Greg and Sue left in the morning.  I decided to read an old National Geographic magazine on the porch.

Steve had multiple walks in the morning along the river.

Sunday afternoon was quite hot so we took my mother’s advice and went for a drive.  We headed to Old Naches Highway and found orchards.

We found an amazing crab apple tree.  We both picked the abundance of apples.

We enjoyed the sights of the highway.

And picked up some supplies at Slim’s Market in Naches.

It hit 100 degrees.

On the way back to the cabin stopped at this produce stand.  I purchased corn on the cob, Walla Walla onions and (on a whim) fresh okra.  He had choke cherries, but I opted not to buy them (which I deeply regret).

We returned to the amazing crab apple tree to get another box of apples.  There was a wonderful stone column there as well.

We stopped again to get ice but noticed the gas prices.

and lots of old trucks.

When we returned to the cabin, Tom sorted the apples.

We had a nice grilled pork tenderloin dinner and slept well.

On Monday morning we left this cabin and headed north.  Here is the Apple King warehouse in Naches.

Then we went to Gleed.  I am not sure I have ever been there before.

We passed by another huge fruit warehouse complex.

Then we headed to Canyon Road.  It was so dramatic.  It has been a while since I have been here.

We went to Ellensburg and Tom picked up some cider supplies at Happy’s.

Then we headed to our Boles trailer in the mountains on my father’s property.  Here is the campsite set up.

Our friends Pam and Tommy joined us with their trailer after battling traffic disruptions on I-90.  Steve decided he needed to be a darker color and rolled in the dust.

I did make Jumbalaya with the purchased okra.


Tom did some tractor work in the morning, but it was hot and dusty so did not last long.

So mostly we relaxed, hung out (socially distanced), ate and drank.  Each day I made a cocktail: French 75s, margaritas and Whiskey Sours.

I continued to knit and actually finished a great book.

Pam and Tommy left yesterday as they had used up their water supplies.

We left this morning all feeling like we had vacated and relaxed.  It is nice to get away for a bit.

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  1. FullyFleeced says:

    glad you were able to get away and have some down time. Book looks interesting- might have to add that to my list. Have you read Totem, by James Hadman?

  2. Ruth Terry says:

    Very fun reading about your vacation! Some places I recognized, like Whistling Jacks’!
    Sounds like Steve had a good time too. Great photos, too! Thanks for sharing!!!

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