Our Week


I have been trying to catch a video of Steve as he runs around the back four.  This is the best I have done so far.  He loves it out there.  

This shows how camo Sonja is this time of year.  You can barely see her.  

The hay loft rooster chicks are all grown up.  They are hanging out in the old pheasant pen, away from the other rooster drama.

Here is the apple tree that the Norway spruce fell on in the windstorm.  Tom got the tree off and uprighted it as best he could.

apple treea fter spruce fell on it

And here is the Golden Egg Plum tree.  The spruce branches are still on it because Tom’s injured knee started hurting.  This tree used to be huge.  I will try to get the remaining branches off so it can get some light anyway.  


Golden Egg plum tree with spruce

But most of our week has been consumed with our beagle puppy, Ryeleigh.  Here I am watching football with her last weekend.

And Tom watching football with her as well.  

Tom and Ryeleigh watching footballRyeleigh sleeping in Tom's arms

He played with her,

Tom playing with Ryeleigh

and she slept more.  I cut up one of my socks to try to keep her warm on her many bathroom breaks outside.

Ryeleigh sleeping with sock on

I wanted to compare her to a toy beagle puppy I had bought from Tom quite a few years ago.  There is a slight resemblance.

Steve suddenly wants to be in the house.  This is quite odd, but we are happy with it.  This puppy is a huge change for Steve to adapt to so we are trying to make him feel loved.  

This is today.

Tom had bought her a proper puppy sweater.  I didn’t realize it initially, but it says barndog on the label.  I thought that was appropriate.  

Most of the photos are of her sleeping because it is hard to get a decent photo of her when she is awake, she is so quick.  I love that her paws are out of her crate,

and in this one her ear is flopped up.

That is our week.  Mostly chasing after a beagle puppy.  Wish us luck.

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8 Responses to Our Week

  1. Denise says:

    Funny that Steve wants to be in the house now🙂 I think having a little beagle buddy will be really good for him. She’s such a cutie!

    • Donna says:

      I actually had thought that he might want to come in the house once we had a puppy. He loves Bell, the small dog that Jay and Russ have, so much I thought he would like a small energetic dog to play with. They are still working out the playing thing but I am optimistic that they will be great friends.

  2. Jeanne says:

    That’s really great that Steve wants to come into the house now! I hope he’s well-behaved.
    You have posted a really good series of photos. I enjoyed them bery much. Ryeleigh’s little Barn Dog sweater is very cute. She looks cute no matter what she’s doing, doesn’t she?

    • Donna says:

      It is nice that he wants to join us and he is extremely well behaved. We shall see if it lasts. I am glad you enjoyed the photos. It is easy though since she is so darn cute.

  3. Even now it is hard to get a good photo of Poppy on the move, so I get it. And yes, puppies are very time-consuming, which is why I didn’t get one until Jackson died. I didn’t want him to be shorted in his last days. Ryeleigh is going to outgrow that cute sweater in no time!

    • Donna says:

      I know you understand my photographic issues as well as our exhaustion. She is going to outgrow her sweater soon. Being a beagle she does like to eat!

      • Jeanne says:

        I thought they all like to eat! Rico surely does! It’s going to be a lot of fun watching Ryeleigh grow! She’s going to be a beautiful dog!

    • Jeanne says:

      Michelle, I understand about why you didn’t get a puppy until Jackson died. I felt that Marlys’s old service dog, Keni, would be upset if she got a pup while he was still alive, but he actually tolerated it very well. In fact, when he had his really bad seizures the weekend he died, he was on her lap right afterward, and Rico was too. I have some very sweet pictures of that scene. It seemed as if Keni felt that Marlys would be okay and he could just go. It still makes me cry!

      You’re right about Ryeleigh outgrowing that cute sweater in no time!

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