Farm News- Good and Bad

This is a photo of Ryeleigh from when I got home from work yesterday morning.  Cute, huh?  Tom had to hold her still so I could get a picture.

Cute beagle in the morning

Here are some videos of her playing.

Here is a photo of her sleeping.  She is stretching it to the limits, much like Rocky used to do.


Tom butchered the White Rooster.  I had given him another chance, but he immediately attacked Little Man so his fate was decided.  I plucked him.  Tom mentioned fried chicken, and I thought that was great idea.  Here is the dinner with our farm grown peas.


Unfortunately the chicken was incredibly tough.  I apparently had forgotten that he was 3 years old.   I couldn’t bite into the leg at all.  I ended up cutting some small pieces off of the breast to chew on. Ryeleigh was intrigued though.


It turns out that she likes stomach rubs.


We binged watched The Queen’s Gambit until midnight last night, finishing the series.  It was quite compelling.  I makes me want to pull out my old computerized chess set.  

This morning, doing chores, I finally got  decent video of how Steve runs in the back 4 acres.  He loves it!

But, very sadly, I found Little Man dead in the chicken pen this morning.  I cried a lot.    This is probably the most I have gotten attacked to poultry.  Here is a tribute to him.  I will miss him so much.

Little Man dead

In somewhat good news, it doesn’t appear that he was attacked and killed,.  We think he just died of old age.  

It has been raining buckets here and is somewhat flooded.  2.1 inches since yesterday, and it is still raining.

2.1 inches of rain

Here are some photos of Steve and Ryeleigh playing and sniffing today. 

Steve and Ryeleigh playingSteve and Ryeleigh sniffingSteve and Ryeleigh playing 2Steve and Ryeleigh playing 3

Tom had his knee surgery today.  It was apparently successful, but he is in pain.  Hoping his knee improves significantly in the days to come.


I planted a fig tree today. We had been keeping it in a container in the greenhouse, but the rodents in there decided to eat quite a bit of its bark.  Tom put grafting wax on these spots to try to save it.  I moved it to the back porch, but then the temperature dropped to freezing.  I decided to move it into the house but then thought that the warm temperature might be a problem.  So I moved it upstairs where it is not heated.  But today moved it outside and planted it near the south wall of the house.  I am hoping it will make it.  I planted Little Man’s body there as well. 


To try to eat White Rooster’s meat, we decided to try chowder.  I had given away some Rill Food’s soups for Christmas.  But then I decided to buy some for ourselves.  Tom chose this one for our dinner.  

Buena Mexi chicken chowder

I cooked it with the rooster meat in the Instant Pot in crock pot mode.  Here it is all cooked up. 

Buena Mexi chicken chowder dinner

It was spicier than we expected but I guess the Mexi should have been a clue. It was good and the chicken was edible. So a win. I will cook another Rill soup with the leftover chicken tomorrow for dinner.

So that is our two days with good news and bad news. Such is life on the farm.

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