Corned Venison

So I had posted on February 21 that I had started a batch of Corned Venison. So here it is last Friday coming out of the brining solution.


I boiled it for 5 hours in water and added some carrots at the end. Here is the result:


It made a really good meal.  

Yesterday I decided to take Hank Shaw’s advice.  He calls for a sandwich with it with good mustard and sauerkraut.  I decided to try to make a rye bread for it.  I tried to make this Russian Rye bread with my machine, but I substituted gluten free flour.  It ended up never rising.  So then I tried this Russian Black bread recipe, but it wasn’t going to be ready until 9:30 at night.  Hank’s suggestion does not state a type of bread so I just grabbed some whole wheat bread we had and made this sandwich (the two halves aren’t together yet).  


It was good.  But it wasn’t amazing.  I have been in a rabbit hole of historic cooking sites recently, and I found this site with a load of historic recipes.  And there was one for the Reuben sandwich complete with its fantastic history.  I have made Ruebens before but just off of the top of my head.  I have never used a recipe.  So I made a Russian dressing.  It is quite tangy with the horseradish in it.


And then I assembled the sandwich.  I did use the Black Russian bread I had made although it did not rise perfectly and is a little dense.  I started frying it in butter on low.  

img_2321The recipe calls for the use of a bacon press.  I happen to have one that I purchased from a now defunct local kitchen store on a whim many years ago.  I rarely have used it so here was my chance.


And here is my sandwich all cooked up.

img_2329It was really filling, partially from the dense bread.  It was hard to finish, but it was really good.  I don’t think it was the best Reuben I ever had but at least it was close.

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4 Responses to Corned Venison

  1. FullyFleeced says:

    corned venison sounds good! do you make your own sauerkraut? Shimon is trying that right now-excited to try the first batch

  2. Jeanne says:

    We tried making sauerkraut one time. It was a failure, and we never tried it again.
    But oh, my, do I love Reuben sandwiches. There’s a place in Newport, OR, where they make them with gluten free bread. When we get there, that’s what I want to order! There are some very good fresh sauerkrauts in the cooler at the grocery stores now.

    • Donna says:

      I am sorry about your sauerkraut failure but there are good ones in the stores. The one Tom got for me was a good one. I will have to find that place in Newport if I am ever there again. I think Reubens are my favorite sandwich.

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