Netted Goat, Vetted Puppy and Washed Dog

This morning I found our goat Billy caught up in the netting of the rooster-proof pen. I has been up over 6 months but somehow he found his way to get his horns horribly caught in it now.. I had to cut him out.


I am sorry about the poor photos.  My barn camera died.  The barn is hard on cameras and apparently so am I.  I had to use an old iPhone.

We brought Ryeleigh to the vet for her first check up and Rabies shot. Here she is in the lobby,


and in the exam room . Tom is comforting her.


This evening I bathed Steve.  He was really dirty and smelly.  Now he is white again.


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3 Responses to Netted Goat, Vetted Puppy and Washed Dog

  1. Jeanne says:

    I’m sorry you had such a time releasing your billy from the mess he got himself into!
    I’m sure Ryeleigh was at least a bit traumatized by her visit to the vet. I hope she’ll be fine. We’ve had dogs who were terrified of going to the vet’s! And some who didn’t like baths! The Home Health nurse came today. She liked Rico and he liked her!

  2. FullyFleeced says:

    ooh- netting can be such a pain. I’ve had chickens get caught up- as well as starlings that used to come and eat the chicken food. So how big is Ryeleigh expected to be when she’s fully grown. Is she of the smaller type (13 inch)? and yay for Fresh Steve! 🙂

  3. Jack says:

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