Yesterday Tom saw 8 bald eagles, a mixture of juvenile and adult, fighting over something in the back of one of our pastures.  And he saw red and white feathers in his binoculars.  Well today, I found the remnants of our older buff hen that liked to hang out in the donkey pen.

There is not much left.  They are butchering across the road today so the eagles and crows are preoccupied with that.  So our chickens will be safe for a couple of days anyway.

I watched KNKX’s Winter Birds in the Skagit Valley from BirdNotes.  They talked about the local snow geese, trumpeter swans and bald eagles.  Honestly I didn’t learn anything since I live her amongst them, but it was still fun to watch others be amazed with what is commonplace for us.  But at the end there was comment “Rewild your spirit by going outside”.  I thought this was a lovely sentiment.  I go outside everyday on our farm, but I could certainly make it wilder.  So I think I will start focusing on that.


Here is a photo of Steve I took when I was testing Tom’s camera that he is lending to be to use on the farm until I can get new batteries to resurrect my old barn camera.

And Tom brought home this cider the other day- pretty cool!

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5 Responses to Birds

  1. Jeanne says:

    I’m very sorry about the loss of your hen. I certainly hope you don’t lose any more to the eagles! That’s a great picture of Steve!
    Wish I could have watched that program about the birds. I’m sure it was interesting.

  2. grosbeak57 says:

    I am enjoying reading about your farm life in Skagit. We are up in Whatcom, currently visiting Sucia before the warm weather boaters descend and as always, eagles are busy circling above. At home, eagles, coyotes and the neighbor’s dog helped fill our chicken graveyard. Sounds silly writing it but we loved our chickens. Sorry you lost your Red.

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