Birds Followup

So yesterday morning when I went to start the chores, there were two large adult bald eagles in the trees right next to the barn. So the butchering across the road did not distract them away from our chickens. Plus I am worrying about our beagle puppy’s safety with all of these eagles around.

But I did find these two chickens that normally hang out in the donkey pen under the manure spreader nearby.

The red hen was the one I thought the eagles had eaten.  So glad she is still round, and she appears to be taking precautions.

So I am not quite sure which bird was eaten by the eagles the other day.  But trying to prevent more losses.

I did take a moment doing the chores to stop and try to “rewild my spirit”.  I listened to the birds singing in our back forty (four) acres.  It was magical.  

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2 Responses to Birds Followup

  1. Jeanne says:

    I’m glad you still have your red hen! It IS a worry, having those eagles hanging around,
    I enjoyed your bird songs!

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