Pandemic Work

I thought I would deviate from the farm blog for just one post to document how my work life has changed with the pandemic. One thing that hasn’t changed though is that I prepare myself one cocktail the evening before a work shift. So the night before last I made myself a Brienne of Tarth cocktail based on the idea from Revival Cocktail Lounge. I mixed together Absinthe, Triple Sec (instead of their Limoncello), vodka, and lemon juice. There is a Star Anise floating on top. Very good!

Here is the sunrise on my drive to work yesterday morning.

And here is my mask going into work.  I have been double masking as my coronavirus vaccine may not have worked due to my prednisone use and due to the new variants in the county.

And here is my garb currently at work.  

We have a small sleep room at work to use.  I think it was designed to just be used for sleeping at night.  But with my shortness of breath exacerbated by wearing masks, I find I am spending more time in rooms away from people so I can temporarily relieve myself of them.  So quite a bit of my yesterday was in this little room.

That is what it is like at work at this stage of the pandemic.  I am hoping that things improve soon.

Now to the obligatory Ryeleigh (and Steve) photos and videos:

I just love our dogs.


I forgot that I should add a copy of my badge with all of the Screened stickers I have collected.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    I enjoyed this, especially the sunrise and the dog pictures and videos. Thanks for sharing!

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