My Memorial Day Weekend

I worked Thursday night so Friday I slept.  I did watch the Mariners with the beagle that evening.Saturday I stayed home and tried to get some farm work done.  I got the tomato hothouse ready and planted the squash starts while the dogs watched.  

I wanted to get this done early before it got too warm.  Then I did the animal chores.  I noticed how much the chicks are growing and changing.  

This is the Speckled Sussex chick.

I believe this is the surprise chick as she is different than all of the others.  I am not sure what she is yet and am opening to suggestions.

This is what I thought was the surprise chick,

but I think she is just a variant of some of the others, likely Rhode Island Red.

I inspected the bee hive and I then decided I had time to sort through some of my wool while sipping on some of Tom’s wonderful cider.  I picked through the just wool to find some suitable spinning fiber.  I have never done this before but am getting sentimental about some of my older sheep and want to save their fiber.  

Tom was off acquiring some vintage motorcycles and parts with his son.  Here is part of his score.  

Then we quickly ate and got ready to go to the races!  There was quite a traffic back up, but I got to see a Seattle PI box.  It has been a while.

At the Skagit Speedway we met up with the grand kids,

watched some crashes,

watched some other kids having fun,

and watched some great racing. (FYI I wore a mask and stayed 6 feet away from people outside the family.)

There were fireworks at the end, but we quickly headed back to the truck to check on the beagle.  Here are some of the fireworks,

and Tom comforting Ryeleigh.

Sunday morning I dug a bean-hole for some underground baked beans, and I planted almost all of the tomato starts in the hot house.  I then cleaned the house and took a wonderful bath.  After 8 hours I dug the Dutch oven from the bean hole.  

I had prepared spare ribs with rub the evening before the races, and Tom grilled them slowly on the BBQ.  

Unfortunately after 8 hours the bean-hole baked beans were not done.  So I warmed up some Cuban Black beams from the freezer, and we had them with the ribs and corn on the cob for a start of summer meal.

The ribs were excellent.  I was able to cook the beans for a couple of hours on the stove and saved them.  They are good but I will not be doing the bean-hole baked beans again.

Monday I worked.  

So it was not a traditional Memorial Day weekend for us.  My mom’s family all gathered at the family cabin, and I missed it.  (BTW, the rib recipe originally came from a cookbook from the cabin).  And I didn’t decorate any graves.  But I got a lot done and still was able to have some fun.  I hope your holiday weekend was fun, and you remembered the meaning behind the day.

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  1. Ruth Terry says:

    Sounds like Y’all had a busy, fun, successful, and productive week-end!!!
    I helped a 92 year old friend get ready for a garage sale! he is worried about the rain, and
    I am worried about the heat! We can’t put it off for a week, because I am driving to Indiana
    the next week-end! So its now or never!!!!
    Take care,I hope you are feeling good!!!!
    Love, Auntie Ruth

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