Continuing to Utilize our Produce.

I came across a watermelon salad recipes on the Harmony Field’s facebook page.  I was intrigued because I still have watermelon from the Alger Market and have tons of tarragon.  So since I do not have any of their fleecemaker cheese (hopefully tomorrow I will buy some), I found a different recipe that also uses our abundance of golden tomatoes and feta (which I happen to have).  So I made a bunch of salads with it yesterday,


and one of them became my yummy lunch.


As an aside, yesterday afternoon I participated in my monthly A Taste of Old Colony zoom.  This month was No-Churn Ice Cream and Hot Fudge.  Here is the zoom happening in our kitchen. I had worked the night before so was quite tired.


Here is her ice cream and fudge done.


Here is my fudge.


The ice cream had to freeze for 5 hours, but here it is after freezing.


We had some at 9:00 that evening.  I forgot to take a picture though, but it was really good.

Tom had scooped the goat side of the barn a few days ago.  I put some straw down yesterday, and the chickens just love to spread it for us.  I never get tired of watching them do this.  I can’t imagine life without chickens.

Today I gave the chickens some leftover produce.  They loved it.

chcikens enjoying leftover produce

I had picked even more tomatoes and some of the grapes that are just starting to get ripe. They are netted this year so hopefully we will not lose them to the birds like last year.


I picked beans from our garden.  I almost wasn’t expecting any this year after the death of so many of them ,but the remaining beans are starting to produce.  We had some for dinner (so yummy), and I am freezing the rest.


I spent most of the afternoon picking blackberries.  This may be the last of the crop for this year.  These are becoming wine.


And then I picked some Asian pears.


These are going to the pigs.


Since I am fermenting vegetables, Tom kindly bought me a large crock.  It is 12 gallons so quite an advancement in my fermenting capabilities.


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  1. Denise says:

    oooh! that is a nice big crock! very cool. I too love to watch chickens spreading straw- they have such a good time. 🙂

  2. Jeanne says:

    So – how is the fermenting going in your nice big crock?? I’m not sure I ever saw any comments on how they turned out? Or does it take longer than this?

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