Hoogdal Market

I participated in this market for the last three days.  Here is my set up:


The building that we used was really wonderful.  It had been the schoolhouse for children of Swedish immigrants over 100 years ago.


Here is the story of Hoogdal.


The market was a fundraiser for the building.  I was happy to participate (plus I was able to get some spinning done).  FYI There is another market next weekend (I won’t be there though) but you can go and help out as well.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    That is a beautiful building! I enjoyed reading the story that was printed. I found it very interesting. Since we lived in Saskatchewan for four years in the first years of our marriage I would be very interested in what part of the province those men had lived in.

    Thanks for sharing all of that. Had you ever been to Hoogdal in the past?

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