Pork Loin

So this summer I watch this video: Pork! Son of Loin!

And then I wanted to spit roast a pork loin. And we have a fire pit.  So I waited for enough time, decent weather, and then the fire danger to pass.  The other complication was the beagle potentially running off with the loin.  So nothing ended up happening.

Recently my uncle shared another video: Christmas in the 1960s – Life in America

Check out the photo at 5:57.  It is me at Christmas in 1969.  Initially I wasn’t sure where the photo in the video came from. I searched my facebook photos firsthand, and it wasn’t there  Then I search my blog photos and found it here: Christmas Eve 1969 and Farberware.

It was my tribute to my Farberware Open Hearth Grill and Rotisserie.  I was annoyed that they stole my photo, but I am mighty cute in it.

So this got me thinking about the pork loin.  I could use this rotisserie to cook the pork loin roast and wouldn’t have to be concerned about weather nor dogs (unlike the Vikings).  So I thawed the ~6 pound roast out, and most of today I cooked it.

It took 5 hours.  I did other indoor tasks to watch it.  But it was so good and worth it.  So not really Viking (but neither were the couple in the video) but still fun.  FYI I used the Salt and Pepper Pork Roast recipe from the original manual at the Running After 60 site, my favorite for Farberware information.  I had to double the recipe due to the size of our roast, thanks to our big pigs.  If you can get your hands on one of these grills, I would highly recommend you get it.  It is a lot of fun.

P.S. I did add more protection against stealing my blog contents.

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