Tanya (2008-2022)

Tanya was a Gotland-Finn ewe that was born one of triplets on April 6, 2008.  She actually came to us for free when we bought her half sister Moll.  This is because she wasn’t thriving.  Here she is with Moll after her arrival here.

moll and tanya 0908

tanya profile 0908

With the new environment and worming she improved.

moll and tanya 1009

Here she is after her second shearing.  We were shearing her twice per year.

tanya 0310

Her and Moll’s first shearing was sent to Stonehedge Mill for processing into yarn.  And I receive this lovely coins in return. I loved the sheen.

moll tanya gotland yarn cones 0610

This is the fleece from her third shearing.

tanya fleece 1110

We attempted to breed her in 2010 without any luck.  But we did have luck with the pairing with our Shaun in 2011 with these spring lambs Patsy and Hank.

Tanya’s lambs 0412

hank 0612

Hank moved to Edmonds.

patsy cline front 0412

patsy 0612

Patsy stayed with us almost 1 year and then moved to a farm in Woolley with Lambikins.

Patsy and Lambikins 0313

She was then bred with our ram Lewis.

Tanya and Lewis 1012

Tanya sheared 0313

And the next April had Merle and Waylon.

Merle 0413

Waylon 041013

Merle 041013

Tanya and lambs 0513

merle 0513

waylon 0513

They both moved to a friend Eliz’s farm to be happy fiber animals.

Tanya 0114

She was bred again to Lewis.

Lewis and Tanya 1114

And the following April had Maybelle and Wynette,

Tanya and her lambs 0515

Tammy Wynette 0615

Wynette move to my friend Denise’s farm to be a happy fiber animal while Maybelle has stayed with us.

Maybelle 1015

Hodor and Maybelle 0621

We stopped breeding our sheep so Tanya also became a happy fiber animal as well.  I learned how to make felted fleece rugs with her wool.  Here is the original one.

Tanyas felted fleece rug 0817

She continued to make nice fleeces which became rugs which are now in several houses.

Tanya being sheared 0319

Tanya let free 0319

Tanya with apple 1019

But in the fall of 2020 she started getting thin.  I have been trying to spoil her with grain, wetted alfalfa pellets and bread. I sheared her myself in May 2021 when it was a little warmer.

Tanya post shear 0521

Then last June she started developing arthritis which progressed.  We continued to try to spoil her and was surprised that she did as well as she did through our frigid temperatures and snowstorms.  But she still would only stand briefly to eat despite meloxicam.  And over the last week she developed painful swelling of her right ear.  We drained it twice, but it just returned.  So we had the vet out today.  He could have done surgery but given her debilitated state we all felt it best that she be put down.  So she died peaceably with a belly full of her favorite treats. But I will really miss this calm friendly part of my life for the last 13+ years.  RIP Tanya.

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8 Responses to Tanya (2008-2022)

  1. Jeanne says:

    Aww, Donna, I’m sorry for your loss. Tanya seemed to have been a really nice part of your flock. I know you’ll miss her, but when things get so bad, we have to remove them from their misery. She was very pretty.

  2. I have aging sheep and dread these decisions. I’m sorry they keep coming up for you. Hugs.

    • Donna says:

      I dread them too, Michelle. Our vet was really nice though, saying we are great animal stewards, and most people do not have sheep doing well at such ages. Of course, they are mostly Shetlands too, so pretty tough sheep. I am surprised we hadn’t lost any of our old animals this winter already so we might be doing something right.

  3. thecrazysheeplady says:

    Those good old sheeps… {{{hug}}}

  4. Denise says:

    so sorry to hear about Tonya, but it sounds like that was the right call if the meloxicam wasn’t giving her enough relief anymore. such hard decisions to make as our sheepy friends age.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Denise. She was uncomfortable with her joints and her ear. Life didn’t seem enjoyable, but she did still like her treats. I am happy there’s no more pain for her.

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