My Birthday

It started with our trip to San Juan Island but continued with a dinner with my father and his woman-friend on Saturday.  Here is dessert.

I had work Monday into Tuesday morning (my birthday) so I came home tired.  I prepared a tiramisu before going to bed for a nap.  After I got up, Tom made manicotti for me. This is one of my favorite recipes from my teenage years. It is originally from Sunset’s Casserole Cook Book from 1980 which I still have.  Tom skipped the mushroom and olives in his shells and added some cooked hamburger instead.

It was really good, as always.  We ate dinner while watching King Richard (which happened to be free from our cable company this week).

Then we had dessert.  I had my first tiramisu in a San Francisco restaurant in the 1990s and have been unsuccessful trying to replicate it ever since.  This one is really close.

We enjoyed it while watching one of my guilty pleasures, The Curse of Oak Island.  I opened presents during commercial breaks.

In addition I have received 33 happy birthdays on facebook as well as emails and old fashioned birthday cards.  I also impressively had $407 donated via facebook to the International Rescue Committee on my behalf for my birthday.  So it was a good birthday.  But now I am 57, a hard number to get used to.

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10 Responses to My Birthday

  1. gilda gorr says:

    hi and a late happy birthday was the place you had the tiramisu the stinking rose in san Francisco ? enjoy your blog gilda

  2. Happy Birthday! What a lovely time!

  3. Jeanne says:

    Happy late birthday! Sorry I’m late with my wishes. 57 sounds pretty young to me! Did you get nice gifts?

  4. Jeanne says:

    Don’t feel guilty about watching Oak Island! We watch it too! It’s interesting.

  5. Denise says:

    happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like it was a good one. Tiramisu looks so yummy, as does the manicotti-

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