Late Summer Boles

So we went up to the Boles Aero for a brief getaway with the dogs.  We went on Sunday and listened to the dismal Seahawks game en route.  So at least we didn’t miss anything.  We joined my father and Mo there and had a nice dinner with a lovely sunset.

Plus there was lots of dog walking.  The beagle cannot be trusted off of a leash.

Despite my being incredibly sleep deprived from work, I woke up at 2:10 AM (my 1:30 alarm didn’t go off) and watched the Queen’s funeral on my iPhone.  I did doze off for parts but later in the morning was able watch the latter portions on TV.

Tom and Dad went on a motorcycle ride while I hung out at camp and walked the dogs.  Steve seemed to be enjoying himself.

Then in the afternoon I got some knitting done and listened to the Mariners.

Dad and Mo had to leave so we were on our own with a lovely smoke infused sunset.

We had a nice, mostly farm meal with wine that Mo got for us and Monday Night Football.

They had an abbreviated replay of the funeral, which included what I thought was the most poignant moment with the bagpiper leaving the Windsor chapel.

In the morning there was more dog walking.  This time though Ryeleigh was on a scent trail and loving it.  We ended up howling after an elk path.

Steve enjoyed the exploring as well.

And the sun rose behind our Boles.

Tom did some tractor work, spreading gravel around the trailer as a fire break.  He spread it while I raked it.  It feels good to have this done.

In the evening there were La Floridita Daiquiris.

And more dog walking.

This morning was more dog walking, which we all three enjoyed,

But then Steve found chipmunk in the frame rail of a trailer and started barking.  That freaked Ryeleigh out.  She wasn’t sure if it was scarey or not.

She ultimately decided it was OK, but no chipmunk was harmed in the process.

But then it was time to go.  Here is the leaving shot of my beloved Boles (my amazing fiftieth birthday present).

Until next time, Boles!

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2 Responses to Late Summer Boles

  1. Jeanne says:

    What a great time you had! Your views are wonderful, too! And the sunsets – awesome!!
    I hadn’t realized that the Boles was your 50th birthday gift! Wonderful!
    I have only known one Beagle. She lived with our neighbors, in Idaho. I didn’t really care for her. She would run off any time she got out of the back yard. They always seemed to get her back though.
    It sounds like we got to watch the same program of the Queen’s funeral. The pomp and circumstance they do is just so impressive. I loved all the bagpipes. And the lone one, piping as he left that church – WOW! We saw that at 8:00 that evening.

    • Donna says:

      Sorry that I am slow to reply. I have been busy and continue to be. We did have a great time. It was a welcome relief to work (on the farm and in the hospital). The boles was my best gift ever. Tom says Ryeleigh was his best gift ever. Beagles are not for everyone.. They can be incredibly annoying with their escaping and howling. But for some reason, this endears them to Tom and I. It was an impressive funeral for sure but quite long. I probably should have slept instead but I knew it was my only chance to see the entire thing.

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