Everything’s Broken

This song has been playing in my head all day.  That is because things keep breaking.

First it was Tom’s quad which is essential for farm work.  He tried to fix it himself, and then he brought it to a shop.  They said it was fixed, but when he got it home it was no better.  So he tried to purchase and install more parts to no avail. He had been on a waiting  list for a shop in Bellingham for a while.  But then in desperation he called a shop in Everett, and they were able to take it in.  They tried replacing a couple of parts which didn’t work.  But then they went to replace one more part and found that this was the problem.

The magnets on the inner circle of this are supposed to be evenly spaced.  But these were glued in and had become dislodged affecting the entire electrical system of the motor.  So they replaced this, and the quad now runs fine.  Tom picked it up yesterday.

Yesterday our pellet stove stopped working, right when it got cold out.  You could tell it was the fan because it made an awful racket.

After a few phone calls Tom was able to locate a new one and replaced it this morning so now we have heat again.  Here is the old beat up fan.

My “new” boot that I got in September have already given up the ghost.  There is a split in the left one so my foot is getting cold and wet with every farm chore.

There were cheap boots, but I thought would last longer than this.  So I went out today and bought expensive but very nice boots that should at least last the winter.

The hard frost means that the garden is broken too.  The squash plants are all completely dead.  The turnips, rutabagas and cauliflower are pretty wilted too.

But the big deal is that all of the tomatoes in the hothouse are officially dead.  So I pulled the plastic off today.

And I picked the remaining green tomatoes.  The large one I had been hoping would ripen before the hard frost.  This is the largest tomato I have ever grown.  But I am lucky to the have had any tomatoes at all this year given the late start.

Then there is my right hip.  It has been hurting for a month but progressively getting worse.  I managed to make an urgent appointment with my rheumatologist which is hard to do.  I was worrying that it was my reactive arthritis acting up again, but it is bursitis instead.  It was likely brought on by my extra lifting while solo farming in Tom’s hunting absences.  So now I have lifting restrictions, stretching exercises and topical anti-inflammatory medication to use.

And finally is our pig Hutch.  Yesterday he stopped eating and is laying around a lot  We are thinking it is the cold but not sure.  We got more straw for them.  I am trying to entice him with treats to no avail. He did get up to drink but no eating.  I am worried about him.  Starsky isn’t eating much either but is not as bad as Hutch.

Everything’s breaking.






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8 Responses to Everything’s Broken

  1. Michelle says:

    I’m sorry for all the current troubles; you guys seem to get more than your share of them!

  2. Jeanne says:

    Donna, I’m sorry so much has had problems. It’s good that Tom’s quad is fixed, and the pellet stove, too. If only pigs could be fixed so easily! I hope Hutch will come around.

  3. Life goes like this sometimes…hope it fixes quickly. Fingers crossed for Hutch…and Starsky, too.

  4. These machines always fail us in clumps! It’s like they all get together and decide in unison to drain our bank accounts!

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