Fire Response

So…our pellet stove overheated badly his evening. The fan stated rattling something horrible. Tom unplugged the stove and then smoke started filling the room. Then we could see flames coming from the back of the stove.  I grabbed the fire extinguisher but was not sure where to point it.  Tom called 911, and the fire department was alerted.

There was a lot of smoke coming from the chimney but thankfully no flames.

Alger Fire District 14 arrived quite quickly.

We secured the dogs, and they came in and sprayed water in the fire box and monitored the temperature of the chimney pipe.

It dropped from 300 degrees to 150 degrees fairly quickly.  They monitored the temperature of the rest of the chimney, and it all was good.

They sprayed the fire pot a few more times, and the pipe temperature dropped to 130 degrees.  That is when they packed up and left.  They were amazing.  I cannot thank them enough for their prompt and professional actions.

Needless to say, we will not be using out pellet stove anymore and will be relying on electric heat.  All four of us (two people and two dogs) are amped up after the excitement.  I thought about having leftovers for dinner but decided I would be better served focusing on cooking the Mince and Tatties I had planned for dinner.  It is described as comfort food, and that is what we need right now.  I used the Scottish Oat flour I have plus the Maggi Seasoning I bought for it and a malty beer.

I decided not to peel the potatoes.  I wasn’t up for it.  But here is our dinner.  And I must say, it is very tasty and comforting on a challenging evening.

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10 Responses to Fire Response

  1. Chloe Reynolds says:

    Oh honey, I am so glad your both okay. I have four stories about our wood burner.

  2. Oh so sorry Donna! So glad you weren’t hurt!

  3. Denise says:

    wow. how scary! glad the fire response was prompt and there wasn’t any damage to your house

  4. Yikes, Donna! I’m so glad you are all okay. I have a number of stories–I loved heating with wood, but it did have its challenges. Some of them very close calls. <3 to you all.

  5. Jeanne says:

    Donna, I’m SO thankful that the fire was caught right away, and that the firemen were quick to respond! Fires are so scary. I’ve been wondering if there was very much water to mop up. Maybe Tom did that, while you fixed dinner?

    By the way, your dinner looked really tasty. I looked up the recipe, and, as usual, we won’t be able to eat it. So much for that!

    • Donna says:

      We are thankful too. It was scary. There wasn’t much to mop up. They put the water in the fire pot so it didn’t make a mess outside of the stove. The dinner was delicious. Sorry you can’t have it.

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