Leeky Stew with Nackerjack

This was a recipe sent to me by Paul Couchman, the Regency Cook.  It is a recipe for hard times out of Devon.  Apparently nackerjack is a savory dumpling while natterjack is a toad.  His recipe is not available publicly, but there is one from a blog post which is similar.  Here is my leeks, chopped bacon and potatoes in our chicken broth after baking for one hour.  I was little suspicious as the bacon had not been fried first.

I made the dumplings using our suet.  You are supposed to make a toad shaped dumpling.  I didn’t think I was up for that.  Here is my attempts at frogs using my molds.

I didn’t think there were very good frogs so I decided to try ducks.

The dough was lumpy with the suet so that affected the shaping.  But they all went into the stew for more baking.

And here it is after cooking.

I was still little skeptical, but it was actually quite good.  There was not much stew left as the dumplings absorbed most of it plus the flavors.  It was a nice dinner this evening.  I will try to get a nice toad mold for the next time I make it.

As an aside, here are Bambam and Harlen in the sun this morning, waiting for their food.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    I really enjoyed this entry! I thought your little toad dumplings are really cute! But you did a very good job on the ducks!
    The name nackerjack is really great! So, since you made ducks, which are really cute, can you call them quackerjacks?!

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