Friday Photo Dump

These are photos over the last couple of weeks that didn’t quite fit into my posts but I still thought were worth sharing. There are quite a few photos of Cassidy.

Beat up Big Orange (he’s fine now)

Beat up Rodney (he’s also fine now)

Cassidy’s eyes

Peacock in the morning

Sunrise location

Goose Egg Salad with blue cheese and Prosciutto

Cassidy lounging on the living room chair

Cassidy lounging in the guest bedroom

Wendel’s wool

Brandy Flambeed Steak with garlic potatoes

Cassidy sleeping

Cassidy cleaning her toes on my computer desk

Pederson protest at the courthouse

The manure spreader planted with potatoes

Cassidy on computer chair

Peacock butt with fluffy feathers

A Fricassee of Chicken from the Regency period with peas

Apple Fritters on Pedestals from the Regency period

Monkey Gland cocktail

What Tom found when cleaning out the Challenger

A tribute to Darlene

Honda CB550 gas tank

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2 Responses to Friday Photo Dump

  1. Jeanne says:

    I enjoyed your pictures! I’m glad the two roosters are okay. The picture of the peacock butt is so funny! My daughter and I both got a chuckle out of that one!

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